Friday, 4 March 2011


Picture: current cover for this month's Blackbook Magazine issue.

“Shout out to my haters, sorry that you couldn’t phase me” –Nicki Minaj

 I like Nicki Minaj. Now if you knew me well you would know that me being fond of this cussing, seemingly tjaatjerig, doll faced girl with the bad attitude would be basically impossible but, hear me out a little. Though we all know she is a talented (yes, she really is – believe the hype), eccentric girl amongst the bad young money boys; that’s not the particular reason I like her – its simple really – I’m in awe of her unabated fearlessness. Some may be prone to argue that her personality and eccentric sense of dress are symptoms of chronic attention seeking but … is it really? The girl already has the whole hip hop world ooing and aahing so why would she crave the attention she already possesses?
Okay so let’s talk a bit her dress sense… its crazy right? Yes. It flippin’ crazy and that’s what I love about it, and have you seen how she walks around in those crazy get-ups? Whatever she wears she sells and she does so unashamedly and honestly one cant help but admire that, normal people, who go out hoping that others will approve of their outfits (don’t tell me that’s never happened to you before) look at this girl and see what I see. Nicki Minaj constantly wearing, doing and saying crazy is just a testament to how much she DOESN’T care what every one else thinks; she walks around with pink afro-meets-rainstorm wigs and pays the rest of the world NO ATTENTION whatsoever, because to her (unless we are her fans) we don’t matter…we don’t matter at all. Doesn’t that call for a nod or round of applause? In a world today whereby value is measured by one’s exterior, an exterior which must resemble that of the masses, this girl Nicki is a gust of cool wind in a society hot with conventionalism.
To some of you that may seem a tad rebellious, to others a tad unnecessary but for me Nicki isn’t one for “tads”; she goes big or she goes packing…and I totally approve.