Sunday, 13 March 2011


okay so the week i'm about to have is a do-or-die week; more specifically, its a do-or-fail-your-degree week...ja, its that deep. I realise that if i dont get into gear NOW - i've totally missed the bus. This kind of realisation hits home, and its hits home hard - it makes one scared, stressed, frustrated! All of these emotions i have been feeling TENFOLD recently...but then this afternoon i remembered 'Georges Chakra Paris 2011' - so i headed to my trusty laptop and checked out that breathtaking collection again.

I saw the gowns, the models, the workmanship put into all the outfits, the sheer BEAUTY (really there is no other word for it) of all those gowns - and i realised Georges must have had one of these weeks though? There must have been a time in his life when things had to be done, decisions had to be made, LIFE had to be worked on - and worked through...imagine he had cowered from all those tasks?imagine he had decided "this is just all too hard, I give up" - what would have happened then?

and thats when i knew ; artists, academcis, scientists, whatever - we are all the same, this life (as hard as it is) was given to us and we must all live it, and fight for it, until we come out on the other end...victorious.

and thats what i plan on doing this week.
lets just hope i still feel this way on, lets say...Thursday?

Lets hope snippets of this collection inspire you as they have me :)
happy week!

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