Thursday, 24 March 2011


Diandra Forrest: Elite Models

So in my politics tutorial we have been discussing the concept of 'dominant discourse'; from what I gathered from our discussion dominant discourse is basically a dominant concept of conversation or a dominant idea held throughout the global  International system (i.e. the world).
Dominant discourse need not be a concept prevalent in politics alone; I believe there are various forms of preponderant discourse in all areas of our lives.
Especially that of beauty.
Now more than ever I believe that the world seems to believe in or support a specific kind of beauty and, in many instances, many girls and boys who do not fit into this conventional model are then identified as unattractive.
I think this is rubbish.
And to prove my point I'm posting pictures of a woman whom I believe is one of the most beautiful people I know; her name is Diandra Forrest, she is an albino model, and she (for lack of a better term) is hot.
Many can (and many have) argued with me but really my point is simple; Diandra has an aesthetic appeal that is not normally found in society today - you do not usually come across someone like her, and she does not really fit into that conventional model of beauty, but does that somehow take away from how pretty she is?
I don't think so.
So here she is; love her, hate her, whatever...reality is beauty IS diverse - and this is a notion all should embrace and celebrate.