Monday, 21 March 2011


I've have recently discovered a designer who does exacly what I want when it comes to the artistic merging of Europe and Africa.
His name is Duro Olowu and he has got me fixed on his designs.
Born in Nigeria and brought up in the UK; Duro manages to do what I feel many designers attempt and fail, which is, the adequate merging of European body with African heart.
What I love about his designs is that they exude a great sense of sophistication, fun,colour, and and earnestness all at the same time...for me he gives birth to the perfect Lagos-London conglomerate.

I don't know if he has taken the world of fashion by storm yet, but with features in various reputable fashion magazines, blogs, and papers around the world (including Vogue UK) its evident that his designs are being taken very seriously...and so they should.
For more on Duro you can go to : or

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