Tuesday, 2 August 2011


I think I'm beginning to develop a fetish for old school public figures who had mad in point - Miles Davis.

As I'm writing this (or should I say typing? Writing sounds much more Romantic) I'm also bopping my head to one of his songs thats currently playing in my room (trying to draw inspiration from the subject you know?) and I must say Mile's dress sense and his music are very much alike. You see Miles was all about subtlety, in his song "All Blues" it is the intricate, seemingly insignificant little things that ultimately have a profound impact on the song itself, it is all the about the piano humbly repeating the catchy tune in the background, the man in trance obediently tapping on the cymbals, the incessant patter of the rimshot - all conjugate to form a rythmical masterpiece. This skill translated in his sense of dress as well: the secret drop shoulders of his sportcoats, the penny shirt collars paired with one toned skinny ties, the crisp shirts and cravats or neckerchiefs, the fitted double breasted suits and the pants with stitched in leather tabs - all seemingly insignificant, like the patter of a rimshot, but all combined to form the type of style that young, fashion obsessed teenagers (i.e. me) pine after today.
The Double Breasted suit.

 The Stiched in Leather Tab.

 The Neckerchief.

The Drop Shoulder.
The Skinny tie.
The Penny-Shirt collar.