Monday, 15 August 2011


I am nineteen- in fact - I'm about three weeks away from twenty, but funnily enough my age (and my maturity) haven't been able to stop my adolescent like obsessions with various members of the fashion and entertainment industry - you would think that by now I would have stopped fantasizing about meeting Marc Jacobs at a local coffee shop, or bumping into Joe Cole at a sneakers store or meeting John Mayer at a concert and, upon eye contact, him falling madly and irrevocably in love with me - I must admit (and quite shamefully) that those kinds of scenarios still amble about my mind from time to time.
For example: Getting a call from Mary-kate and Ashley Olsen, telling me how they would love to have me by their side as co-CEO and partner of The Row.
Yip, I can hear you saying it right now -even in your heads- "My!But this girl can dream!"
Yes honey - I can.
But, I mean, look at these girls -- wouldn't you dream?
They're so cool **sigh**

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