Wednesday, 10 August 2011


Grace Jones...what can I say about this iconic woman?
Okay lets just start with the basics:
Grace Jones was born in Spanish Town Jamaica, she later moved from her native home to Syracuse, New York at the age of seventeen. Grace then became a successful model a few years later, appearing in shows in New York as well as Paris - at the age of 29 she signed an iconic deal with Island Records and the history.

Other than being one of the greatest artists of all time (all time) and a well known muse of Andy Warhol there is one reason why I'm really really fond of this woman.
She is everything I am not!
I wish I had the courage to do what she did, to dress the way she did, to cut my hair in that heavily androgynous manner with the dangerously sharp edges. To push the edge - more than push the edge - to go over the edge and do it with her kind of attitude - not cowering and hiding for fear that people may not like me anymore or may find me weird - but presenting myself with no amount of anxiety or hesitation. To me Grace said to the world "Here I am, take me and accept me and I shall do the same for you just as freely, or - leave me alone".
That, my dear friends, MUST be commended.

Grace Jones
Andy Warhol

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