Friday, 5 August 2011


Thank God it's Friday, not only becuase it is the end of the current week but, more importantly, it is almost the beginning of a new one; a fresh start, a time when you can try and do it all over again - only better this time.
As for the mistakes you made this week, forget about them, get over and move on. Don't be the one trying to lap up the spilt milk, it only makes for messy business.
So this weekend I hope you all shake off the bad of the past in style, and when the 'ghosts of mistakes past' tries to tap you on the shoulder - walk away- leaving him only with the memory of the shimmer of your Friday party dress or the charm of your suit as you catwalk-strut into your limelit future.


  1. IT's LIKE YOU'RE SPEAKING DIRECTLY TO ME! :) My week was kind of… eh… but you're right! Getting some hookah tonight with friends and I am going to have fun and look forward to what next week has to offer. Thanks!

    xoxx Monica

  2. I'm glad I could be of some help Monica :) enjoy the hookah ;) and make the best of next week!!

  3. Lovely post! + nice picture to top it off! Following you now. Follow me back if you like my blog :)


  4. thanks Danielle - glad you liked it:)
    just checked out ur blog - its lovely, now following you back:)